Emmanuel Joseph

Emmanuel Joseph

Full-stack Engineer, Blockchain Engineer

I help pre-seed to Series A companies conquer code architecture, scaling, and performance challenges.


I'm Emmanuel, a seasoned full-stack software and blockchain engineer dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that address real-world challenges and empower individuals. With 8 years of experience spanning various sectors like Fintech, blockchain, e-commerce, and enterprise software, I specialize in utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as ReactJS, VueJS Solidity, NodeJS, and Golang to architect scalable and user-centric platforms.

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Lead Engineer · Origineum DWTCA


Led the development of several products that won numerous hackathons. Delivered high-quality, robust production code for a diverse array of projects for clients. Provided leadership within the engineering team by fostering close collaboration, facilitating knowledge sharing, and providing mentorship.

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Software Engineer · Wikimedia Foundation

OCT 2021 - NOV 2022

Contributed to the Elasticsearch-based search engine that powers Wikipedia and its sister projects, which indexes ~10 billion documents across ~1000 wikis in ~300 different languages. Upgraded Elasticsearch plugins, including 7 internally developed plugins and contributions to 3 open source plugins, making them compatible with Elasticsearch 7 and published on Maven Central.


Lead Engineer · Decasoft Technologies

OCT 2019 - NOV 2021

Led the development team of 4 in building Decafinance, a Fintech loan and savings PAAS that currently serves over 2,000 ride-hailing drivers. Integrated several banking APIs to automate loan disbursements, withdrawals, and savings collection on behalf of customers.


Fullstack Engineer · Software Business Solutions Consulting (SBSC)

JUN 2019 - SEPT 2019

Built EMed HMR, a health management system, and scaled the platform to manage 8 local governments with over 30,000 health records. Revamped the accounting module to improve response time by caching responses and restructuring the database to eliminate unnecessary queries.


Fullstack Engineer · AlphaBeta, Ghana

MAY 2017 - DEC 2017

Maintained and supported an Enterprise Tax Collection System for local governments in Ghana.


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NFTFashionAISupply ChainE-commerce

Platform powering custom and ready to wear apparel production for the fashion industry

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An all-in-one app for recording, organizing knowledge, and sharing video updates

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