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After months of missed deadlines and frustrated attempts to implement their visionary roadmap, Fitted's technical debt had spiraled out of control. Following a series of failed feature launches, user engagement plummeted by 40%, placing immense pressure on their dwindling runway of just 2 months. Forced to make a difficult decision, the founder reluctantly laid off their entire engineering team, leaving them with a non-scalable MVP and a mountain of uncertainty. With his ambitious dreams seemingly on the brink of collapse, the founder desperately sought a way to salvage the situation and breathe new life into his groundbreaking vision.


  1. Identifying the Root Cause:
    • Code audit and Infrastructure analysis: Conducted a comprehensive code audit and infrastructure analysis to identify the core issues contributing to Fitted's technical debt and scalability problems, documenting everything.
    • Collaboration: Worked closely with the founder to understand his vision and prioritize critical features for immediate implementation and improving some of the idea.
    • Focus: Pinpointed specific areas like spaghetti code, inefficient database queries, and inadequate server architecture that were hindering performance and feature development.
  2. Implementing a Sustainable Solution:
    • Refactoring and Optimization: Undertook a systematic code refactoring process, improving code quality, modularity, and maintainability.
    • Modernization and Scalability: Implemented modern software development practices, including continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) and cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring scalability and agility.
    • Building a New Team: Helped the founder hire and on-board a cos effective skilled engineering team with the help of the HR, fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment.

Results: From Collapse to Confidence

The impact was nothing short of transformative:

  1. Vision Revived: Investor confidence soared, fueled by the concrete progress and some of the ideas I and the founder brainstormed. Additional funding of $50,000 secured Fitted's future.
  2. Growth on Track: Agile development cycles ensured rapid feature delivery, putting Fitted back on the path to achieve its visionary roadmap.
  3. Efficiency & Cost Savings: Cloud solutions and open-source technologies maximized resources, reducing server costs and maximizing Fitted's financial health.
  4. Empowered & Agile: The new team, equipped with best practices and a collaborative environment, thrives on challenges, ready to propel Fitted's future success.

Conclusion's story is a testament to the power of strategic tech intervention. With the right expertise and approach, even the most daunting challenges can become springboards for extraordinary growth.

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